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Easter's on it's way!

Easter is almost upon us! Is the Easter Bunny prepared? At Bibelot, we've got everything you need to make this Easter special and fun!
Easter Basket Goodies First things first. You gotta start with a basket! We have some really fun Fair Trade baskets that would be great to fill up. Ghana Crazy baskets are made by hand by men and women from Ghana, so each creation is unique! 

One you have a basket, you definitely need to fill it up with Easter grass! Grab a bag of 100% recycled & recyclable Eco Grass so you don't have to worry about harming the planet (or curious pets) with the plastic stuff. Eco Eggs are a great choice for Easter Egg hunts, too! They are made from 100% renewable, plant-based, non-toxic content. Bonus: Eco Eggs & Grass are made in Minnesota!

If you're filling a basket for a kiddo, you are in luck! We have so many fun things to choose from: 
Classic retro toys (think Paddleball, Chinese jump rope, tin tops & tea sets, bike bells...)

Fun outdoor …

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