On the 9th Day of Christmas...

The 9th Day of Christmas: Holiday Activities

Tutti Frutti or Stinky Socks?  Coconut or Spoiled Milk?  Chocolate Pudding or Canned Dog Food?  I know these are tough choices, but these are the options that await you with Jelly Belly's Bean Boozled Beans, Gift Sets and Tins.  Look-alike candies asking which is really which.  Are you up to the challenge?  

Have you fallen in love yet with Johanna Basford?  You may know her as the immensely talented illustrator behind the wildly successful adult coloring books Secret Garden and Enchanted Forest.  Ms. Basford is gifting us again with her latest Johanna's Christmas:  A Festive Coloring Book For Adults.  Now you can relax, unwind and make lovely, unique-to-you holiday inspired art.  Where to start?   The festively detailed gingerbread house, or the beautifully decorated Christmas tree, or the whimsical rocking horse, or....


Looking for a thoughtful gift for a child leaving the nest?  A couple first starting out?  Maybe you want to begin a new family tradition, something that can be passed down to help fondly remember Christmases Past.  The Christmas Memories Book is just what you're looking for.  With its red and gold journalistic cover, this is festive enough for Santa himself.  This 20-year diary has space for photos, favorite cards and most importantly for all those warm priceless recollections of a holiday as special as those you share it with.

Puzzles with a twist = Puzzle Twist.  Not your everyday jigsaw, these special puzzles turn out more than a little bit different than the photos provided.  It may be a tad more challenging, but it is definitely a lot more fun!   Choose from Brewfest, Cycling Cities, Colorful Cats, Doggone Crazy, and several Minnesota inspired styles.  It turns out that puzzles are a lot like life -- better with a few unexpected twists!

Dating back to the 1840s, Christmas Crackers are a favorite part of the holidays in the UK. Shaped like oversized wrappers for sweets, crackers are fittingly also called bon-bons. When pulled from both ends -- Crack! -- prizes are revealed. A little silly, a lot traditional, why not let Bibelot introduce Christmas Crackers to your list of seasonal pleasures?  Choose from either red and white candy stripes or gold toned birch trees, these come in sets of 6 with each cracker containing a paper hat, a joke and a novelty toy. 


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